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Blue Goose Aviation

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Blue Goose Aviation

Welcome to Blue Goose Scenic Tours page. We are now offering two flights Our flights are either one hour or one and a half hours long.

Each flight takes you over the Mission Valley, next to the Mission Mountains, and over Flathead Lake.

The airplane is a Cessna 182 single engine airplane capable of carrying three passengers or 670 pounds.

The cost is $210.00 for a one hour flight and $315.00 for a one and a half hour flight. Price is based on the flight not the amount of passengers.

We are located at the Polson airport by appointment only. Please call us at 719 393 5550 to schedule your flight. We are available during daylight hours, early morning and evening flights are the best due to cool temperatures, calm winds, and smooth flying conditions.

Our chief pilot is a retired Air Force pilot with over 9000 flight hours and has been a FAA Certified Flight Instructor since 1982.

Join us soon for a spectacular flight and life time memories.

Questions: Inquire by email flybga@msn.com
Telephone (719) 393-5550

Blue Goose Aviation, Inc. | 470 Regatta Rd #35 Polson, Montana 59860 | flybga@msn.com

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